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February 2014 Archives

Non-citizen spouses may avoid taxes through estate planning

Washington, DC residents may already know that when two American citizens are married, each spouse can gift as much in cash and other assets to the other as he or she would like, both in life and in death. This is due, at least in part, to the unlimited marital deduction provided under federal law. However, more complex estate planning is required to gift or will assets from an American citizen to a resident alien spouse.

Should long-term care planning include insurance?

Many people in Washington, DC consider long-term care insurance policies as part of their estate plan. As the elder care landscape changes, policies have changed as well. Some may be wondering if long-term care planning should include such a policy at all.

Every Washington, DC, resident could benefit from estate planning

A will may not be the first thing a young person thinks of when he or she reaches the age of majority. However, every Washington, DC, resident could benefit from even basic estate planning. Anyone with a car, a bank account or a home may consider developing an estate plan. Further, if an individual has a child or children, a will could become even more important.

Discussing a durable power of attorney with an elderly parent

Many District of Columbia residents have a difficult time broaching the subject of estate planning with their elderly parents. Some people have wills, but may not have a durable power of attorney (POA). This document can be crucial if a parent becomes incapacitated.

Keeping silent trusts quiet could be problematic

When devising an estate plan, many different types of trusts can be used to achieve an individual's goals to provide for his or her family both before and after death. For a variety of reasons, many Washington, DC residents decide to keep the fact that they set up a trust for a beneficiary or beneficiaries quiet. However, keeping these so-called "silent trusts" quiet may not be easy.

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