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June 2013 Archives

The importance of wills in Washington estate planning

Virtually no one enjoys considering the intricacies of the end of their own life. We avoid any detailed examination of how we may come to depart this earth, and often extend our discomfort with the subject by avoiding addressing the need to draft wills and other important documents. Ironically, our own death is one of the only certainties of any Washington resident's life, and failing to recognize the fundamental truth of one's mortality does nothing to stave off the natural progression of human life.

What is a guardianship and what does it do?

Guardianships can be a complicated issue to understand but it is a vital issue often discussed with estate planning and elder law attorneys. It can be helpful to understand the basics about guardianships before going into the legal process so in this post we will be discussing what a guardianship is and what the process includes. 

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