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Life Care Planning and Management

The newest component of EDLC's comprehensive Elder Law practice is Life Care Planning and Management (LCPM). EDLC recognizes a growing need for comprehensive services during, and for, the aging process. The "journey" into the elder years requires a myriad of services and recognition of the changing requirements for maturing individuals and their families. Estate planning and estate documents (durable power of attorney, advance medical directive, wills-, trusts, etc.) are merely one piece of the management requirements for our client community.

LCPM includes, but is not limited to, a comprehensive care and medical needs evaluation by a Geriatric Care Manager is utilized to establish a baseline for future requirements. Additionally, we assess safety issues of our client's residence, compile all financial, insurance and asset documents and identify the financial status of the individual, utilizing the resources of a financial planner, if appropriate, and provide a plan identifying the goals of our client.

In addition, EDLC coordinates the compilation of all medical records, projected requirements and the costs thereof for our client and their families. Paramount in the planning and management is a focus on assuring that our clients do not run out of money consistent with their goals, do not become a burden on their children, maintain their independence for as long as possible, and live in their home, or their alternative housing choice consistent with their desires.

Finally, EDLC provides comprehensive services for families and particularly individuals whose loved ones are living outside of the DC Metropolitan area.

Unfortunately, the progression of aging involves many losses: the loss of physical strength, the loss or deterioration of health, the loss of peer groups, the loss of financial independence, etc. At EDLC, using Life Care Planning and Management, we partner with our client and their families to plan ahead for life changes. LCPM assures a continued quality of life and EDLC implements a plan for financial independence for as long as possible, and when necessary, the eligibility for public benefits such as Medicaid.

EDLC coordinates our client's estate plan, estate plan documents, financial planner, geriatric care manager, and doctors and consults with and encourages participation of family members in developing a comprehensive plan.

EDLC recognizes our client's need for assistance, guidance and representation. We provide the services in a compassionate environment ensuring the integrity of our clients, financial protection, and the maximum preservation of assets consistent with public benefits (Medicaid).

Contact The Elder & Disability Law Center in Washington, D.C., to learn more about our Life Care Planning and Management services.